Garden Grove, CA

Wash & Fold Laundry Service In Garden Grove, California

Garden Grove is one of the fifth largest cities in Orange County, CA.  One of the biggest annual events in this city of nearly 172,000 residents is the famed Strawberry Festival, which debuted in 1958. Originally the city was claimed by the Spanish in 1769, but it was later incorporated by residents on June 18, 1956. Today, Garden Grove consists of large parks like the Atlantis Play Center and Garden Grove Park, and thriving businesses like our full-service laundry service, WeFold Laundry. Not to mention that it is just a quick drive to two of our most popular theme parks.

Looking For Laundry Pick Up and Delivery in Garden Grove, CA?

WeFold Laundry is the laundry pickup and delivery service that is right at your fingertips! We service Garden Grove, CA and the surrounding areas, including cities in the Greater Los Angeles area, to make laundry a breeze. By utilizing our laundry pickup and delivery service you are guaranteed clean clothes at your convenience, seven days a week! Gone is that pesky chore called laundry that you dread.  Instead, you now have time for some R&R to start a new book, watch TV, or partake in any other hobby you enjoy.

Leave it to WeFold Laundry to make your busy life easier because unlike most people – WE LOVE LAUNDRY!  And we will certainly treat your laundry as we would our own, handling all your items with special care.  Our highly trained staff will sort, fluff and fold your laundry ensuring your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean.

So, shower yourself with some tender loving care by treating yourself to WeFold Laundry’s pickup and delivery service. Or even pass along this sudsy gift to your favorite college student that is way too busy studying, or your favorite child that just moved out, or favorite parents because they just deserve a break. This is the gift that keeps on laundering!

Don’t want Free Pickup and Delivery? Drop Your Laundry Off at Your Nearest Location

WeFold Laundry offers a super convenient drop-off wash and fold laundry service. As with our laundry pick up and delivery, our team of professionals will wash, dry, and neatly fold all of your items, saving you countless hours of work each week. Your laundry will be clean and fresh within 24 hours. Stop wasting your weekend doing laundry and start enjoying some family time or even some “me” time.

Garden Grove Businesses Love Our Commercial Wash and Fold Service

WeFold Laundry also offers commercial laundry services in Garden Grove. So, if you own a hotel, vacation home, rental property, or Airbnb, we can ensure your guests always have fresh towels, linens, gowns, and more. We also provide services to nail salons, beauty spas, and more. Get laundry pick up and delivery services tailored to your business. Simply reach out to us for a free consultation.

We Are the #1 Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Garden Grove

WeFold Laundry is the best full-service 24 Hour laundry service in town.  We provide laundry pickup and delivery service for Garden Grove as well as many surrounding cities.  With our easy scheduling system, setting up this service takes less than 5 minutes! Your freshly washed and folded clothes will be delivered within 24 hours just like magic!


How The WeFold Laundry Service Works

Step 1

Schedule A Pickup

You simply schedule online, and we'll come to pick up your dirty laundry.

Step 2

Wash N Fold

We'll wash, dry, fold, and sort your laundry. Ready to be put away right out of the bag!

Step 3

Laundry Delivered

We deliver your freshly cleaned laundry to your door.

Laundry Pickup with Next Day Delivery

No commitment needed! Choose the plan that works best for you—whether it's repeat, or by request.

Your laundry is picked up and delivered perfectly clean and folded to your doorstep the very next day, so you always look and feel your best!

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