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Airbnb and VRBO Laundry Services You Can Depend On

Managing an Airbnb or VRBO can be quite rewarding. Getting to share your beautiful space with others to enjoy and making that extra income are both wonderful aspects, but with all the perks of running vacation rental properties there is also the dark side that rarely gets talked about the monumental task of washing all the used linens and towels!  And there’s always a lot of it once the vacationers leave the property, which can leave you stressed out and scrambling to get everything done for the next guests.  This is where Fresh N Fold laundry service for Airbnb saves the day!!

Fresh N Fold is the laundry service for vacation rentals that you need, whether it’s Airbnb or VRBO, we are here to serve you right at your doorstep.  Let us take on the challenge of getting your comforters, flat sheets, towels, and even bathroom rugs squeaky clean and ready to be enjoyed by the next round of guests.  We haven’t lost a challenge….and we never will.

Why waste time having your cleaning staff do loads and loads of laundry on site and on time before the next guests arrive? Fresh N Fold, the #1 commercial laundry service in Orange County and surrounding cities, can pick up your laundry and wash, fluff and fold your items with the utmost care, leaving your vacation rental laundry smelling fresh and clean when it is delivered back to you.  Not to mention the amount of wear and tear saved on your own washing machines and dryers at your beloved rentals.  

New to Vacation Rentals? Here are some tips to make laundry less of a headache:

#1 – Make sure to have 3-5 sets of linens and towels. When you have more on hand never have to wait for laundry to be delivered to start setting up your home for the next guests

#2 – Try to do laundry once a week. Combining multiple stays into one laundry order will take less scheduling and will be more streamlined for your business

#3 – Pre-Treat and Separate Stained Items. We treat stained items as we see them, but to make sure we see them and treat them immediately, it would be best to separate these so that we can save your linens and towels. Also, if you pretreat the stains immediately upon noticing, it will help to remove the stains more effectively.

#4 – Use different colors for different sized beds and bathrooms. When different colors are used you can easily sort them out when you open your Fresh N Folded clean linens and towels

#5 – Call us anytime (714) 833-5609 with any questions or changes. We know guests can extend or book last minute


Airbnb VRBO Vacation Rental Pickup and Delivery Service

Are you or your cleaning staff schlepping laundry from your rental property yourself to the laundromat?  Stop it right now! With our free pick up and delivery vacation rental laundry service, Fresh N Fold can save you precious time and do all the schlepping for you. Our heavy duty equipment can handle cal-king sized comforters with no problem at all and we guarantee that we do not leave your laundry with that industrial scent that are oftentimes found in Airbnb, VRBOs, or hotels.  Why? Because we don’t treat your laundry just like everyone else’s laundry.  We treat your laundry like it is our OWN laundry! 

Our highly trained team of washers, fluffers, and folders are committed to the art of laundry. With each load, we promise clean, neatly folded linens and towels.  Just follow the next steps of creating an account and scheduling a pickup to ensure you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to your Airbnb, VRBO, or rental property!  Fresh N Fold airbnb laundry service is here for you. Take advantage of our laundry services in Orange, Anaheim, Tustin, Westminster and many other locations.


Create An Account for Your Airbnb, VRBO, or Rental Property 

What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and click that Schedule a Pickup button and let the Fresh N Fold team do all the dirty work for you.  Once your account is created just go ahead and Schedule a Pickup for your Airbnb, VRBO, or rental property and we will pick up, wash, and deliver.

No subscription is necessary, there are no hidden fees, so don’t hesitate to use this service as frequently as needed to get your linens and towels fluffed and folded. Wash, rinse, and repeat!


We Are the #1 Wash and Fold Service for Airbnb, VRBO, and other rental properties!

Fresh N Fold is the best full-service coin laundromat in town.  We provide linen service for airbnb pickup and delivery service for Airbnb, VRBO.  

With our easy scheduling system, setting up this service takes less than 5 minutes! Your freshly washed and folded clothes will be delivered within 24 hours or any other day you choose just like magic!

So the next time you need a complete airbnb linen service or vacation rental laundry service, you can always call us anytime, we will be happy to help you anytime of the day! We also offer pickup and delivery laundry services, wash and fold, self-laundry services, laundry services for Airbnb, and other commercial laundry services for all your laundry needs.Call us now to learn more about us!

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Commercial Laundry & Linen Services For Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Keeping restaurants and bars clean takes a lot of work and towels. Owners use our linen cleaning service so they never run out of fresh, clean towels. We can also help your restaurant and bar keep all your uniforms, aprons, napkins, and tablecloths clean.

University & Students

Universities can request our university laundry service for all their uniforms, towels, sheets, and blankets. We can also help all the students on campus with our student laundry service. We will take care of all their laundry needs.

Dental & Medical Offices

Medical and dental offices have more important things to do each day then laundry. Use our medical laundry service for all your towels, gowns, lab coats, sheets and robes. We will handle the laundry while you handle your patients.

Hotels, Airbnb, & VRBO

Do you own an Hotel, Airbnb, or VRBO? Request our hotel laundry service so you can spend more time on your business and less time doing laundry. We will wash, dry and fold all your sheets, blankets, rugs, pillows and towels. When you use our Airbnb laundry service, we will have everything ready for your next guest.

Massage Therapy Offices

Massage therapy offices use towels, robes, blankets, uniforms, aprons and sheets. Use our linen cleaning service so your employees have more time pampering their clients. You will always have freshly laundered items for your customers. You tell us when you need us and we will be there.

Nail Salons & Spas

Don’t you love the smell of a clean towel? Of course, everyone does! Give that to your customers by using our toweling cleaning service. We will make sure you always have fresh smelling sheets, robes, and towels.


*Recurring Order Price
$1.90/lb For Individual Orders

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David Joe

CEO, Abc Company

100% Recommended

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David Joe

CEO, Abc Company