A Guide to Wash Your Dark Clothes at Home or in a Self-Service Laundry

Do your dark clothes have a tendency to fade or look dull? Washing dark garments at home and in a self service laundromat near you can be tricky, as they can easily fade, shrink and pick up lint when not washed correctly.

Learning how to effectively wash these items is essential for preserving the color vibrancy of your wardrobe staples. Keep reading to ensure all of your darks look their best!

Importance of Washing Dark Clothes Separately

Washing dark clothes separately is an important part of any laundry routine. Failing to separate light and dark fabrics can lead to the dyes in darker clothing bleeding onto the lighter items, leading to permanent staining.

Additionally, separating dark and light articles of clothing is recommended for those with sensitive skin, as dyes from the darker items may cause skin irritation. For these reasons, it’s essential to take the time before doing a wash to properly separate everything into piles of dark and light laundry. 

Doing so ensures that everything will come out of the wash looking great without any unfortunate surprises!

Sorting and Preparing Your Clothes

It is an important step in washing your dark clothes, as it can help prevent color bleeding and ensure that your clothes are washed properly. 

Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Sort dark clothes by fabric type and color – Separate your dark clothes by color and fabric type to prevent dye transfer. Wash denim separately from other dark clothes as it tends to bleed more than other fabrics.
  2. Check clothing labels for washing instructions – Always check the care label on your clothes to ensure that you are washing them correctly. Follow any special instructions, such as washing in cold water or using a gentle cycle.
  3. Empty pockets and zip up zippers – Make sure to empty all pockets of your clothes before washing them to prevent any items from getting damaged or causing damage to the washing machine. Zip up zippers to prevent snagging and tangling.
  4. Turn clothes inside out – Turning your dark clothes inside out can help protect the color and prevent fading. It also helps to prevent any embellishments or prints from rubbing against other clothes and causing damage.

By following these sorting and preparation tips, you can help ensure that your dark clothes are washed properly and retain their color for longer.

Select the Proper Detergent for Dark Clothes

Choosing the right detergent is important when washing your dark clothes, as using the wrong detergent can cause fading and damage to the fabric.

  • Use a detergent designed for dark clothes – Look for a detergent that is specifically designed for dark clothes, as these detergents contain ingredients that help to preserve the color and prevent fading.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener – Bleach can strip the color from your clothes, while fabric softener can leave a residue that can cause the color to appear dull. Instead, use a detergent that is gentle on dark fabrics.
  • Consider using a color catcher sheet – Color catcher sheets are designed to trap any loose dye in the wash, preventing it from staining other clothes. These sheets can be especially useful when washing dark clothes for the first time, as they can help to prevent any color bleeding.

WeFold Laundry Is Here to Help You Wash Your Dark Clothes

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